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Services Provided

The scope of consulting and other services provided differs for each client. Our services maybe single purpose or comprehensive. We may focus on providing a strategy, a plan or both. In short all services are tailored to the client's specific concern.

Filling Out Tax Form

Property Tax Appeal

U. S. Realty Advisors has the experience to navigate the complex tax requirements associated with properties of all types. Our team works to minimize your property tax exposure and manage your tax compliance processes efficiently while also identifying all available exemptions, conducting fixed asset reviews, reclassifying properties as needed, and providing fair valuations.​ As local jurisdictions are increasingly being required to fund infrastructure and other project costs, they have stepped up their property tax enforcement. We can help your business put processes and systems in place so that you are paying only your fair share of these taxes. If needed, we can provide property valuations, real estate appraisals, and related services through our Valuation Advisory Services practice.

Transaction Advisory

Making an informed decision to offer an asset for sale and then coordinating the research process, pricing the asset, preparing the sales offering, and marketing plan, and identifying the buyer profile is just the beginning. A firm that understands complex transactions and specializes in this kind of representation should protect your interest and give you sound advice regarding the marketing process, negotiations, contingencies, dealing with management and personnel issues, transfer of business and license concerns, third-party financing, title, escrow, and closing. Our firm brings to the transaction process a specialist's understanding of how to represent and protect the client's interest, while at the same time designing and implementing a marketing plan tailored to the client's specific request.

Financial Analyst
Business meeting

Management and Operations Review

With performing properties forced to compete against troubled and lender-owned properties in the same marketplace, a soundly conceived and implemented management and marketing plan can provide the difference between success and failure. To that end the firm brings to management and marketing an understanding of how the two disciplines should complement each other so that the appropriate team and controls are in place and the property is positioned to achieve the client's stated objective.

Valuation and Appraisal

The variables that estimate or forecast value are some of the most confusing and frustrating issues for institutional property owners and lenders face today. We endeavor to bring to each valuation and appraisal assignment our experience with budgeting, daily operations, management, finance, and transactions. Our personnel conduct interviews with owners, managers, buyers, and sellers on a regular basis. Our firm's experience combined with our proprietary information data base provides an excellent foundation for transaction information and value trends.

Business Meeting

Legal Support & Receivership Services

When a property or business reaches the point where legal action is required to protect its interest, often the services of a court-appointed receiver are necessary to preserve the asset during the resolution of the conflict.  In this capacity, we are prepared to serve as a neutral third party to take possession of the asset and stabilize operations, personnel, and tenants during pending legal action.

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