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EV Charging Solutions

Parking Lot

Dealership Solutions 

Site Evaluation and Planning:

We begin by conducting a thorough site assessment and producing schematic drawings that outline both the current and proposed power supply setups. We are committed to identifying and processing all available grants and tax credits that can offset project expenses. Additionally, we integrate environmental considerations and link all smart devices on your premises to our management software.

Our process involves a site survey, strategic planning, and comprehensive engineering before embarking on the construction of your electric vehicle (EV) charging setup. This encompasses:

  • Detailed site survey, planning, and engineering

  • Installation of charging stations, bollards, signage, and striping

  • Implementation of advanced security mechanisms with the option of remote monitoring

  • Installation of intelligent lighting with enticing upgrade options

  • Customizable branding graphics to align with your identity

  • Efficient power management solutions

  • Our approach extends to creating a data-centric EV charging environment designed to facilitate remote tracking of vehicle charge status, heightened security measures, and cutting- edge power management capabilities, among other advanced features.

  • Furthermore, our solution offers a personalized service akin to a concierge, streamlining access to EV-related grants and tax credits, coordinating with contractors, and supporting dealership sales teams with the necessary training to effectively promote EVs on the sales lot and within showrooms.

At Home Solutions

Now that your dealership has sold an EV vehicle, is your customer ready to charge at home?

The majority of electric vehicle (EV) charging occurs at residences, which is the most cost-effective and convenient method for recharging electric cars.

Irrespective of an EV's size, origin (American, Japanese, South Korean), or color (red, blue, purple), every EV features a plug suitable for recharging at various locations. Nevertheless, the primary choice for EV owners is home charging. Statistics reveal that over 80% of plug-in EV drivers prefer home charging for the majority of their charging sessions (source: This method is favored whether you reside in a house, apartment, possess a garage, or private parking, as it is both economically viable and efficient for reenergizing your EV's battery.

Our Level 2 charging stations come equipped with a 240-volt plug:

  • These stations can optimally charge a battery to 80% capacity within 4 to 5 hours.

  • Charging speeds are around 22.5 km per hour for plug-in hybrids and up to 45 km per hour for
    all-electric vehicles (source:

Installation involves connecting the station to a specialized outlet or directly to the electrical
A Level 2 charging station significantly enhances the advantages of home charging, offering practicality, user-friendliness, reliability, and cost savings. Although purchasing a Level 2 charging station requires consideration of various factors, rest assured our team will guide your new customer in choosing and installing the right home charging device.

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Residential Apartment Building

Multi-Family Solutions

A zero-risk EV charging solution for commercial real estate developers and owners

Tenants with EVs expect a simple and dependable charging capability operating onsite that is: Convenient to the entrance to their building

Available when they need it without having to wait in a queue Confidence that the chargers work every time they're needed
A live person at the ready to answer questions (or to troubleshoot) Ability to use their phone to pay and track status

We provide a turnkey, future-proof electric vehicle charging program for your property Design and installation of all infrastructure

  • Management and cost of building upgrades

  • Municipal grant and incentive applications

  • Program scaling with demand growth

  • 24/7 customer and technical support

Ongoing maintenance and upgrades
Our comprehensive Multi-Family Solutions encompass a complete and forward-looking electric vehicle charging program tailored for your property's needs. We offer a turnkey approach that covers every aspect of the process, ensuring a seamless experience. This includes the design and installation of all required infrastructure, while effectively managing the costs and implementation of any necessary building upgrades. Our expertise extends to navigating the complexities of municipal grant and incentive applications, maximizing benefits for your property. As demand for EV charging grows, our program is designed to scale accordingly, accommodating increasing requirements. Our commitment to exceptional service with round-the-clock customer and technical support, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all users. Moreover, we take pride in providing ongoing
maintenance and necessary upgrades, keeping the charging system up to date.
No CapEx-Partnership Solutions: As a testament to our partnership approach, we offer a revenue-sharing model of 25% to 30% with property owners, underscoring our dedication to mutual success. With our Multi-Family Solutions, you can embrace the future of transportation confidently and sustainably.

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